Whip It Up Wednesday – Spaghetti Squash!

With winter peaking out from around the corner, I was starting to hear more and more about this mythical squash; I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was! One night when we were over at Max & Kelly’s for dinner, Kelly had made some spaghetti squash with her homemade ragu… and after trying it there I was hooked! It is so deliciously fresh but still has the consistency of pasta without the extreme amount of calories/carbs… it’s like a pasta lover’s dream come true!

Finally after much ado, I picked one up from Trader Joe’s and decided to give it a go myself. I am now a firm believer in the spaghetti squash and I am happy to share my tricks with you! 

What I have learned is there are two ways to bake the squash… one being cooking it whole and then cutting it in half and one being cutting it in half and then cooking it. There are pros to both obviously but here’s been my analysis… (click the titles for the actual recipes I use…)  

Cooking first/cutting later perks:
-Much easier to cut a giant squash in half 
-Don’t have to worry about it drying out

Cutting first/cooking later perks:
-Better flavor
-Shorter cooking time

The best part on top of all this is that it keeps really well. I’ll typically throw the squash in the oven at night while we are just lounging around, scoop it out, and then put the spaghetti in the fridge for dinner the next day! It’s also extremely versatile; I have really only used it in a marinara setting… but there are millions of recipes online for any sort of flavor profile you are looking for. 

Anyways, go get yourself a spaghetti squash pronto! And let me know the recipes you come up with! 


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